1. faramforge:

    This was back in January striking for Tim Cisneros for a CBA demo on making a top and bottom fuller. 

  3. gowaniron:

    Tenon detail on sink stand. Testing out new camera. #canoneost3i #details #blacksmith

  5. alecsteeleblacksmith:

    Experimentation for 5 1/2 foot tall crane sculpture!

  6. handmadeindustries:

    Turning out pretty sick. Also a little challenging. #3xspecialties #spiral #stairs #fab101 #fabporn #interior #infustrial #savethetrades

  7. dirtysmith:

    A few ago we got a phone call from an older gentleman wondering if we would be interested in buying his blacksmithing equipment. He had surgery in both shoulders and the doctor advised him to stop forging. Over the years he had collected tools and made things for himself, family and friends. This was a passionate hobby for him. We showed up made a fair offer and donated quite a bit to the local smithing group. It was the most difficult day as he was visibly upset as we started to load it. I felt so guilty about it and watched the pain in his body language as we loaded. He ended up leaving. Out of this was a tool cart. I think of him everyday I see this cart. Craig had told me that he called and sounded much better and happy his equipment was being used and also helped a large group of up and coming smiths. #blacksmith (at rorymay.com)

  8. faramforge:

    #3 of this style cross peen. 3.75 lb 4340 steel

  9. jgankee:

    one of my simple goals I want to do this year.

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  10. alecsteeleblacksmith:

    Shop tip. When you need a smaller vice - put it in a bigger vice!

  11. cjforge:

    Tying up some knots…
    #blacksmith #forged #knots

  12. dirtysmith:

    Good morning #blacksmith #handmade #picoftheday

  13. dirtysmith:

    Truckin along. #blacksmith #handmade #forge #AnneFrank (at dragonforgeltd.com)

  14. ghostshippartiv:

    And thats my Dad

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  15. madebyvmworks:

    Hand hammered copper test piece. This is the black one and I’m still working on a blue/green one.